When the Dancehall Fraternity gives an artiste a label, given for good reason, and it usually sticks. In the case of an emerging Dancehall artiste from Portmore Jamaica has been given the title of The New Wave, and members of the Fraternity say it’s for good reason!

Formally, the artiste goes by the name I Am Stylez Music; Stylez to represent the polished look he is known for, and Music because of his passion for all genres and fashion but most especially Dancehall.

Growing up in Portmore, I Am Stylez Music experienced the positives and negatives in life and always aimed to share those experiences in music, and by telling stories through music videos. Beyond an artist singing in front of a camera, Stylez adds cinematic vision to his visuals which comes from his choice of location for a music video shoot and the treatment the video is given. “It’s not enough for me to just sing a song” says the artist, “I have to make sure the visuals are just as good as the song or there will be a disconnect with the fans and I don’t want that – the fans are the reason why I’m here.”

He is currently promoting singles "Its A Pitty" which has racked up 1.5 million views on facebook and is currently getting a lot of traction both socially and on mainstream radio worldwide. The dancehall/reggae community has embraced him very well although still farely new to the scene, Stylez has also just teamed up with RnB superstar "John Legend" for his follow up single titled "Light Up The Night" released under his imprint Blaze Ent Records for promotional use only. Since its release FEB 3rd Stylez has been busy doing alot of press..

In fact, the Billboard artist / producer  is the main  elements behind the success of Future Fambo’s 2015 hit single “Bad Boy Song.” And His Album "Evolve - The Uprise" which he executively produced, wrote and distributed which Debut number 2 on the Reggae Billboard charts August 2016. 

Seeing no limits where creativity is concerned, Stylez continues on his path of creating great music, performing and bringing his new wave to wherever his journey take him.